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Decolourisation Systems


Process Simplification

  • No Sulphitation
  • Reduced lime consumption
  • Scaling in Evaporators is reduced due to lower Inorganics loading, leading to :
    :: reduced down time
    :: steady crush rate
    :: steady steam consumption
  • Injection water pH does not reduce
  • Lower Retention times at all stations
  • Corrosion decreases drastically thus requiring lower maintenance

Losses Reduction

  • Inversion losses due to low pH eliminated.
  • Entire process works at pH>6.4
  • Lower Retention times reduce losses
  • Lower Non-Sugars ensure lower sugar losses

Sugar Quality

  • Purer massecuites give flexibility in grain size / colour of sugar
  • Bold grain sugar can be easily produced
  • Consistent quality even when juices are of low purity
  • No Deterioration on storage
  • Low Suspended Matter /Ash/Turbidity make sugar attractive for Industrial users (PEPSI / COKE / NESTLE, etc.)
  • Nil SO2
  • Sugar quality of EU I & EU II grade

Molasses Quality

  • Nil SO2 desirable for Alcohol production
  • Nil SO2 preferred for Animal feed

Environment Friendly

  • Sulphur fumes are eliminated
  • Solids disposal is considerably lower
  • Effluent has lower COD/BOD loadings

Recovery of Sugar

  • Higher by 0.1 – 0.2% on cane